We gave stylists a rare chance to study under Jean Claude-Haue, the leading L’ORÉAL stylist.

All stylists had to do was use Majirel on their clients who wanted a colour treatment.

The consumer also had an incentive to use the product, a trip to Paris for 2 with front row seats to the Paris Fashion Week.

This collaboration proved to be a wining formula. Stylists got to know new clients quickly and clients felt the stylist was there not only to supply a service but also the possibility to go to Paris.

The Eiffel Tower Hair illustration was an instant visual cue to what the promo was about. Stylists had no problem getting clients to colour using Majirel regardless of what brand they felt loyal to.

The packaging itself was the inspiration for the presenter.

A simple pull of a tab reveals the USP of the product as well as physically demonstrating how the product works.

The back of the presenter is the back of the product or rather the bottom of the actual product providing the viewer with an understanding of the product and the packaging.