ADFIRE CREATIVE M3DIA’s focus is on 3D illusion creative that packs a lot of heat creating hype around your brand.
ADFIRE CREATIVE M3DIA offers mind-blowing 3D illusions as well as conventional advertising channels and design media.
What really sets us apart is our medium and method. We create 3D illusion art that can be executed as a wall mural,
ceiling art or floor art and can be a standard print installation/decal or painted live at an event.

3D illusions grab major attention and your market interacts with your brand, sharing the experience on every
social media platform giving your brand massive exposure from one communication piece!

The RAGE EXPO installation above is a side wall, back wall and floor that create one seamless 3D illusion when photographed correctly required. RAGE required a photo opportunity cosplay stage for cosplayers to interact with.

Offering all these services, makes ADFIRE CREATIVE M3DIA an all round agency in visual and conceptual creative
that will get the attention your brand deserves.

James Sands

3D Illusion Specialist, Adfire (owner)

Creative Media

3D Illusion Creative
3D Concept
3D Rendering
Retouching & Illustration


Corporate Identity
Point of Sale
Concept Design